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Southwark's Little Italy

Historian, Neil Crossfield, sheds a light on Italian's impact on Southwark. From skilled craftsmen to ice-cream vendors, their presence hasn't always been welcomed. This is an unmissable story of hardship, resilience, and assimilation.

Mayflower 400 History Tour

The Mayflower voyage. A voyage that changed the course of history. Did you know that the first Pilgrim Church was right here in Southwark? Now you do! 

The Melodramatic Elephant

The story of the Coronet theatre, as told by the ghost of Marie Henderson, who ran the theatre from 1875-1880. A follow-up art exhibition, curated by Constantine Gras, documented the project with film and art, including input from Southwark residents.

Opening Doors

Southwark Playhouse opened the doors of space and time, taking on over 2,000 years of Walworth history in their first ever radio play.

Aylesbury Memories

Meet Patrick Abercrombie, Jessica Burgess, Ross McManus, and many more iconic figures in Southwark's history. Our skilled writers put a human heart to the Aylesbury Estate's story, its residents and builders, and what it means to be a local.

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