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Joseph Fiennes -
Patron of People's Company

"I was delighted to become Patron of People’s Company – a gem of a community theatre company deep in the heart of Southwark

Years ago, when I was asked if I would like to join the Young Vic Youth Theatre, all sorts of questions popped into my head:

What would be expected of me? What would the other members be like? Would I enjoy it? Would I be any good? Acting is a journey, an adventure. You will discover so much about yourself – your abilities, your emotions and your skills. It requires hard work and discipline and is also thrilling, exciting and fun!

Remember you will not be doing this alone. People’s Company is warm, vibrant and diverse; it welcomes those who are experienced and complete beginners, those who want a career on the stage and those for whom it is a hobby. You will give and also get: support, encouragement, tips and friendship. There is
nothing like creating a performance together for others to watch and appreciate.


Be adventurous – explore the website, go to a performance, talk with the actors – take the first step."

Judi Dench

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Oliver Walters

Directing Erina Jamil Nordan's "Sitting" as a first-timer was an incredibly rewarding experience and while not without obstacles or moments of crisis, the buzz of the night was electric. I had to manage some anxiety around my own competence - was I really able to steer this play in a direction that is faithful to the writing? Could I also add my own creative flavour to it without compromising Erina's script? My anxiety spilled into my interactions with the cast and the dynamic wasn't always easy to manage: remember that as peers, we were now thrust into a director - playwright/actor - actor relationship. I was supposed to lead but was honestly not sure that anyone would or even should follow. But my cast (Erina, Olivia Penhallow and Eddy) demonstrated more resilience and professionalism than I could have asked for. By actively placing our trust in each other and focusing energy on the task at hand, we got over the hump and used the emotion to charge the performance. It was truly electric and I was so, so proud of the result - I was honestly in tears at dress rehearsal and on the night.

Perhaps we need some of that drama to be part of the creative process - emotionally, I don't know that we could have hit the notes we did without really exploring our own feelings. I'm eternally grateful to the cast, including the playwright, and the rest of the company. I think they would have managed fine without me, and ultimately they did - my job was over when the lights went up, and I got to enjoy the play - but I felt I depended on them. I'm more proud of what they have done than anything else. If I helped in any way, then I'm proud too.


Suzanne Creevey

People's Company has made me feel more connected to the community and its history whilst giving me an entry back into stage acting that I had sorely missed 


Ellen Davis

For me, being part of Opening Doors was just magical.  Each rehearsal was a unique experience where our individual doorways to creative thinking and feeling were encouraged to open again and again, breathing life into the characters and context of our amazing offering.


Lucy Kerrigan

 Pitter-pattering the lives of Walworth's locals has been very special. I've honed my listening skills helping others fine-tune lines and made friends for life!


Sheik Dowlut

I came across the People’s Company while searching for something different to do in my local area. The experience gained so far has been beyond my expectations. It is a fun group of people in a relaxed environment where everyone is given the opportunity to develop various aspects of theatre regardless of experience. I will never forget that first time on stage – thrilling!!!!!

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