Ade King

My experience with People’s Company so far has only been virtual, which is quite a unique experience. 

People’s Company rose to the challenge and continued to deliver artistic excellence through a virtual platform. My first participating project with People’s Company was the groups first radio play ‘Doors’ which was also performed on Zoom with no visuals – just the actors voices and audio effects. 

I hadn’t been part of any theatre production since studying drama at secondary school and being a member of People’s Company is an honour and a privilege. My confidence has grown in this short time and it is not showing any signs of slowing down. I have a place to express myself creatively and work with other creative, talented and artistic individuals who share a love for theatre like I do. Being part of a collective that share their talents and skills and encourage its members to develop their own skills and explore their curiosity is being a member of People’s Company.


Sheik Dowlut

I came across the People’s Company while searching for something different to do in my local area. The experience gained so far has been beyond my expectations. It is a fun group of people in a relaxed environment where everyone is given the opportunity to develop various aspects of theatre regardless of experience. I will never forget that first time on stage – thrilling!!!!!


Suzanne Creevey

People's Company has made me feel more connected to the community and its history whilst giving me an entry back into stage acting that I had sorely missed 


Ellen Davis

For me, being part of Opening Doors was just magical.  Each rehearsal was a unique experience where our individual doorways to creative thinking and feeling were encouraged to open again and again, breathing life into the characters and context of our amazing offering.


Lucy Kerrigan

 Pitter-pattering pre/post-war Walworth, and the lives of its locals, was very special. I honed my listening skills helping others fine-tune lines and bring their characters to life. LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR!